Newtech is an established software distribution company with a wealth of experience in licensing solutions. It is an authorized distributor in Malta for Microsoft, Symantec, APC and other major vendors, and enjoys a solid and durable relationship with its local partners.

Newtech consistently provides the market with innovative products that meet customer’s needs as they evolve. Its core expertise is in software asset management and licensing, risk management solution and networking and infrastructure solutions. We don’t just simply provide the product, we excel in the type of consultancy that you need. Newtech operates through its web of resellers, who are leading and specialist IT shops in Malta and Gozo. Our consultancy is aimed towards product knowledge and matching your needs with the capabilities of our products.

Exciting times lie ahead for this company, as it opens its doors to a new world of devices, which are the epitome of quality, style and functionality for the business user as well as individual alike. Watch this space for more information! As your ICT requirements change, Newtech is there to offer a quality solution.


Why Newtech?

  • Distributors for top brands
  • Licensing solutions specialists
  • Premium product offerings
  • Regular product mail shots on the latest technology trends
  • On-going events and training seminars
  • Monthly product promotions
  • We provide latest technology for your clients